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20110326 Zhou Mi birthday filming!

MARCH 26, 2011 -- One of the best days of my life, because it was Suju related. ;D 
This gets personal! So watch out for awkward awkwardness~ 

Cast list; 
Eunhee (me), Helen, Queen, Stacy, Heather, Rachel, Blaine, Christine
I woke up at 8am and my sister was telling me to get up. I was like, "no no, Helen's not coming yet, it'll be okay!" So I basically slept again until 9:30 :D And then I had to do some stuff, like brush my teeth and choose out what to wear (if Zhou Mi is going to see this then I can't look bad lol) and around 10, Helen, Stacy, and Queen arrived! They were all waiting outside of Helen's car, just chilling 8D Then we all went to San Francisco, thanks to Helen! 

In the car ride, we talked about many things, like SJM and ages. Apparently, at 16, I am the youngest, not just in the car, but in the group by (mostly) a lot. XD Especially with Helen, but that's okay! =D; Anyway, of course we had to listen to SJM and then Helen's radio started to act up. But it's okay as that happened when we were in SF~ 

After parking, we walked to the mall to meet with the rest of the group! Westfield mall of SF is really nice, like amazing o_o I was impressed by Westfield Oakridge but....SF is like top percent or something. Okay after being off-topic again, we met Heather in the dome area! Wow, most of group had already formed~ We kind of hung around for a bit, and Rachel, Blaine, and Christine came! Yay our group is complete! But Queen, who had skipped both dinner (day before) and breakfast, we all went to eat lunch. We ate Seorabeol and it was yummy :) But it was too much for me! I was dying from yummy food though :9 

Anyway, we filmed and stuff XD Queen made it really cool like she filmed the dome of SF Westfield. Then we all got together and yelled 'Happy BIRTHDAY ZHOU MI!!!!!!! :DD" really loudly, which scared the innocent bypassers lol. And then we each recorded a message for Zhou Mi (Stacy and I teamed up yay) We had to do a few shots, but in the end, we did well! 

...I lied. That was the first part of filming...and the second part was filmed outside! ^__^; Well, it was windy, which didn't strike too well with me -___- And we managed to do okay, except for the fact I looked completely stupid blocking myself from the wind as Queen spoke and the others waved to the camera. We filmed near this heart :D It was really cute! It showed an image of SF~ 

We went to a near-by Borders, where we reviewed the footage in the romance section rofl. Heather, Blaine, Christine, and Rachel had to go home, so they did! Me, Stacy, Queen, and Heather, we went to Chinatown and bought a bunch of food lol. We also got..some popcorn chicken and tapioca milk tea~ We took some photos and then shopped more, but we all had to part ways soon! 

Heather took me and the others home. I was really sad to be parting with my new friends so fast, but I had a great day! Thank you, Queen, Heather, Helen, Stacy, Rachel, Blaine, and Christine! I had a great time! Let's do more things together one day :) <3