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for korea and whatever

july 10: arrived, got lost lol

july 11: MYEONGDONG!!!! getting even more lost and finding kona beans and talking to stacy :) also, seems we ate bbq tonight!

july 12: coex with kent, coex aquarium, kona beans with becky and meeting ming's mom, eating kyochon

july 13: going to myeongdong to meet becky, but got lost...sighs (and walking around hongdae!)

july 14: going to edae for shopping, spending a BUNCH OF MONEY :|, meeting zee at mouse rabbit, walking around in the mall (bought grazia lol) and dongdaemun

july 15: sat in cafes (kona beans and mouse rabbit and dunkin), MET TEUK MOM <333 and with kim and her friends again lol

july 16: seodaemun prison hall, myeongdong with hyejin AND MY DECISION???? T___T, and the banpo bridge with amandine

july 17: ???? what lol

Jungsoo D-days:

10: D-384

11: D-383

12: D-832

13: D-381

14: D-380

15: D-379

16: D-378

17: D-377

18: D-376

19: D-375