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Huppy Teuk Day 2012

bb duck happy birthday~~~~~~ ;ㅅ; 30 YEARS OLD O M G WHAT

END가 아닌 AND로 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 오늘은 천사 강림한 날.
  To Jungsoo ; with love_♥
  생일축하합니다!! Congratulations, you have now reached 30 years old!! I can't believe it! I've known about your existence since you were 25 years old, and already it's your 30th! I'm so glad I've been able to have you as my superstar, my shining idol, my baby duck ♥ thank you for just everything that's been happening in these past 5 years. There have been so many moments where I've doubted myself in being your 수니. I've doubted myself in being an ELF. But right now, nothing else matters. You're here. With you, I feel so happy. Do you remember our talk at Sukira last year? Where you asked me where I was from and if I could help teach you how to say "Mr. Simple?" Do you remember saying "You Korean very well!" to me? Do you remember saying "Thank you so much, I love you~" when I chose you over Eunhyuk? I remember. And I hope you do too. The fact, though, that you use my pillow, my silly chicken pillow that I snatched from the Morning Glory in Hongdae, the one that costed only 9,000won in comparison to your other gifts, means so much to me. You care so much for your fans and never leave them. You're always one of the last to leave the stage, and I admire that so much about you. It really means a lot to not just me, but others too. You're so sweet and amazing, so don't ever be let down. I tend to bully you a lot sometimes because I love you and that's one of the ways I have to show my affection. I don't agree with everything you do or say, but I love to listen to you (especially the sound of your voice♥) The most amazing thing about you is that you have this soft power, and how the other boys follow you so naturally. It's mind-blowing..from the shy little Jungsoo to the strong charistmatic Leeteuk....there is so much change that goes in that one 178cm (including shoe lifts) body. You're just amazing, you know? Simply amazing ♥. 

순간이 아닌 영원으로 여러분들 곁에 남아있을테니깐요.We'll be next to each other, not for a moment, but forever. } 

This year is one of importance for your birthday. It marks the online release of 6집 (Sexy, Free and Single). That's really amazing. I can't help but say amazing so much because that is what you are. I'm so happy that they chose to release 6집 on the day of the descent of the white angel. I know a ton of people will be celebrating both occasions. You have quite of fans, me included! I hope we'll be able to celebrate with you

나 감사 드려요, 그대 이 세상에 온 것을.  I want to thank you, for coming into this world. } 

Even though you're "married" to Kang Sora, I just wanted to really tell you how much I love you. Why is rather impossible, since there are so many things I love about you and I just can't list them all. I could copy and paste from my older messages, but that would be rather stupid. I'm sorry that I don't approve of everything that you do, but it's human nature right? In the end, it's your kindness, charisma, attractiveness, and more that have me come back to you over and over again like a bee to honey. You are so one-of-a-kind, and I'm proud to be your fan. I'm proud to be in love with you

☆ 약속했으니까 우리 지금 꼭 잡은 두손 놓지 말고 함께하자.  Since we promised, let's carry on, holding onto both hands tight without letting go. 

Happy birthday honey duck! 30 years old, right? You're now an 아저씨! It's okay, you'll always be 오빠 to me. No matter what, let's carry on together holding hands. I'll always be by your side, cheering you on, holding onto you when you need support. I promise to never leave, if you ask me to. You are my prince, my duck, my everything. Soon, you'll be going off to the military and braving yourself while your brothers entertain Korea and the entire world. I'll really miss you during that time, but I'll do my best to be strong and wait those long two years just for you. ♥ As always, never take those stupid comments from ignorant people. They're too blinded by your radiance, by Super Junior's radiance to see what's really in front of them. Sweet boys, a sweet leader, people who love and care for others. Your success is shown through your humbleness. And you have never made me prouder than when you stand in front of all of your fans, the sapphire blue sea, bow, and yell "우리는 슈퍼주니~어에요!" That is one of the greatest moments the ELF and Super Junior relationship will ever experience. This hot summer, you'll be entertaining the world with your boldness and silliness, and soon, you'll be heading off. I hope I can take in the moments and just enjoy every single minute we have together. I feel that we're somewhat still connected. Even if we're almost two worlds apart, we're under one sky. I hope we'll be able to hold hands under this one sky. I'm sorry I haven't been the best fan, but I'll do my best, as always. 

It's been 5 years. Let's continue for the rest of our lives. From 2007 to Forever. 진심으로 항상 사랑해요 

{ Even the s u n needs a s u n | 당신은 나의 태양 }

                                                            ♥ 은희 

 { 박정수는 내 운명 | park jungsoo is my destiny }
얼굴은 다르지만..국적은 다르지만...언어는 다르지만... 우리는 하나!!!! Even if we have different looks..different nationalities...different languages... We are one!!!! ]
온 세상이 펄 사파이어 블루의 풍선이 뒤덮는 그날까지 and we won't stop! { 이 시대 최고의 그룹. 최고의 리더 이특. } always.