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 A/N: I will go and write Teuk biased confessions during my breaks! Can't think right now D: 

Title: Calendar
Author: khkid
Length: One-shot
Genre: Fluff, Friendship
Rating: G
Pairing(s): Leeteuk/Leeteuk, friendly!Leeteuk/SJ members
Warning: I am biased in this story. Oh dear.
Summary: Leeteuk flips through his calendar~
Disclaimer: SJ members nor Teuk's calendar belong to me. Unfortunately. XD JKJK.

After a long day, Leeteuk can go home. He plops down on the couch on the 12th floor of their dormitory and wearily picks up his planner with scribbled notes of birthdays and reminders and the occasional drawings from Heechul and Shindong. He opens the book, and begins to flip through the calendar portion. This planner was special, customized to make it last for years and years, calendars lasting to at least 2020. It was a special, at least 1000 paged planner meant for a special guy like himself. 

Leeteuk begins to write more notes to himself and cross out any drawing he deemed inappropriate. He flips through the planner slowly and carefully, making sure he doesn't miss a page. January. The cold, snowy time of year where the new year had just passed and Christmas had passed. He wrote. Sungmin and Youngwoon's birthdays. Don't forget presents. He flipped the page. February. Valentine's Day. He wondered if any girls would give him chocolate and circled the date. He wrote Kyuhyun and Hangeng's birthdays down. He touched his handwriting, where he had written Hangeng. Tears began to form in his eyes. He wipes them away with his sleeve and continues writing. April. Hyukjae and Siwon. He doesn't forget to scribble Zhou Mi's birthday with the drawing from Heechul on the side. I'll remember, he thinks. 
June comes around and he writes Ryeowook's birthday in. He doesn't forget the circle the day they won their first award. July. He slowly writes his name. He writes both his stage name and his real name, and draws angel wings and happy faces. He pauses for a moment before continuing to write Heechul's name on the tenth. August, September, and October, the dates that he deems important continuously fall on the pages. He finishes the birthdays of the members. He circles the date of their anniversary and puts happy faces and anything positive he could think of. He nods to himself and silently thanks all of those people who love him and support him. 

After writing in more dates, he notices a post-it note saying, "Teukie hyung~~~" He flips open to that page and his exhaustion suddenly disappears. The page the post-it note was stuck on was the jump between 2011 and 2012. On that page were short letters to the leader, and his eyes fill with tears of happiness. Messages such as "Hyung~~~ thank you for always being there!!" and "Hyung, the best leader in the best group!!" "No matter what, we are always one!!" as well as sapphire blue balloon images and pictures of the smiling members together crowd the page. He can't help it and cries openly. He silently thanks God no one is sharing the dorm with him at that time and takes a tissue to wipe away his tears. 

He notices something else. It was small drawing with some words in the corner. "Gaeteukie~~ we are entering the military soon. We can do this, let's go. Hwaiting~~" His weary eyes stare at the message, but his brain is unable to process the words. I don't want to be alone, he thinks to himself.  He notices another message, scribbled on by the same person, "Aish, you are never alone. Don't forget to lean on us when you're tired, okay? Super Junior is always one, we are one family with ELF. We are one." I'm crying again, he tells himself. The tears come freely and quietly. He flips to the end of his planner, and he realizes something. The calendars end on the year 2017, but he smiles to himself and writes a note. He picks himself up from the chair, gently lays the planner on the table, and runs out the door, ready to start again. 

No matter how many years will pass by, not one day will go by when Super Junior isn't one. 

/ END. 
 Love and Fail. LOL. This sounds like an An Cafe song/album. XD 
All my twitter fails and love can come here :mhm: 

Happy bb (bbyong~✪) 
♥ rangmingki @dinoteuk Very [fail]. Goodnight noona~ :p
rangmingki @dinoteuk Btw, 3 years older?! >.< She's an 86er, I'm an 85er. Your math skills also fail!
rangmingki @dinoteuk FAIL.
rangmingki @dinoteuk Does your math skills fail again?
rangmingki @dinoteuk I know you fail but what do you fail at? D:
rangmingki @dinoteuk Oh, yea. I can just bring you in the Super ball. Duh. What were we thinking about plane tickets? XD
rangmingki @dinoteuk I'm still looking at prices. No worries~ We'll find you a rock to evolve or you just need to learn how to fly. :P
rangmingki @dinoteuk Eunheechu slap! Translate Wook's pic for me~ ^_^
rangmingki @dinoteuk You're already a handful. I will wait. :mhm:http://www.livejournal.com/editjournal.bml?journal=khkid&itemid=9062
rangmingki @dinoteuk Be nice to my other captures and you'll be fine. ^_^ /pets Eunhee
rangmingki @dinoteuk ROFL. WHY ARE YOU SO ADORABLE!?
rangmingki @dinoteuk I don't care if you fainted. /throws Super (Junior) ball at Eunhee and watches ball twitch
@rangmingki /dons on party hat and blows kazoo with @dinoteuk

Monina bb (♥♥♥muning) 
perprection @dinoteuk IT WAS FOR YOU. ♥ YOU KNOW HOW MUCH UNNIE LOVES YOU. ♥

Yoojin (★//囧酥餅) 
teukables @dinoteuk Twitlonger - For people who talks too much
teukables @dinoteuk when you say you're not creepy, it made you a whole lot creepier. and no eunhee sounds prettier in both korean and chinese D<

teukey @dinoteuk
ohh you can do whatever you want with your part of side xD but he really doesn't have two mouth for two kiss xDD
teukey @dinoteuk ohh yes , but they are not sexy LOL. we don't want cute night, we want DIRTY night LOL

LOL my SJ-World page would get too crowded. D: 

Just the way you are - Leeteuk version

 his lips, his lips, i could kiss them all day if he’d let me~

his laugh, his laugh, he hates but i think it’s so sexy~

he’s so beautiful, and i tell him everyday~

when i see your face, there’s not a thing that i would change~

cause you’re amazing, just the way you are~

and when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while~

cause boy you’re amazing, just the way you are <3

Inspired by tumblr. Obviously I should not being going on there anymore. I agree with these people. T___T

From Eunhee to Jungsoo: Oppa, it's you. Sorry, sorry but there's no other than you. You are the one and my shining star. No matter what, I will be your Super Girl, your Miinah.
'Cause I can't stop.

and uh....credits for the pictures as tagged. 

HI BBs! This is park eunhee, maybe some of you have seen me (and don't remember me)!
SMTown in LA '10 was the best weekend I had ever spent anywhere. For 2 months, I had to go through so much trouble, trying to find tickets, lodging, a ride down (live in California), and I had to listen to my friends complain to me about how much they wanted to go.
WELL! All that trouble was totally worth those two-and-a-half days I spent down there.

Anyway, you probably don't want to hear my intro anymore, so let's get on with SMTOWN!


I had to go check into my hotel (The JW Marriot), but I got to see Koreatown! It was amazing, and I was thinking of all the lovely SJ related things I'd see My friend who drove down is a huge SHAWOL, so she really wanted to see SHINee! We immediately tried to go to the Sheraton! (And sorry if I sound crazy after this, my friend suggested it not me XD) Of course we got totally lost and I had to text Happy (bbyong~✪) for the address. So we got to the Sheraton, and tried to stake out for artists (and yes I didn't really like this idea but...) We went into the mall and through there, the hotel. We tried going on some elevators, but there was this mean lady that kicked us out. We actually met these two lovely ELFs and one of them was a staff (or admin) of a Baidu bar (It might be Teuk's but I don't know). They were incredibly sweet and since they were staying at the Sheraton, we went to their room, and hung out there. They had just been in Korea, and flew to the USA to catch SMTown in LA! ^^ They showed me their pictures of SuShow3 in Qingdao/Seoul, and some pictures of the SMTown in Seoul (these girls go everywhere). I got some water and we watched TRAX's Oh! My goddess MV.
So we tried again, leaving the two lovely ELFs we had just met, and searched around again. We rode the elevators onto the floors, but lovely managers stopped us. Eventually, we started to take the stairs D: (This sounds so creepy, if you guys want me to take it out I will ^^) We climbed to the 22nd floor from the 21st. We left and stood near the elevator with a bunch of staffs. We pretended not to care, but then one of the staff members started to talk a lot and she ran to a room, which opened. I thought it was U-know YunHo, so I kept my composure as best I could, but then RyeoWook stepped out. The two of them started coming toward my direction, and I melted inside. He just about came over, and the elevator came. We quickly stepped inside with me trying to get a glance at Ryeonggu, and me totally dying in the elevator.
Anyway, we just about spent our whole day in the Sheraton. We got lucky to see SNSD SeoHyun and Yuri (actually they were in the same elevator, but we weren't trying that hard that time.) We got back to the hotel, and I explored it with another friend. JW's pool was amazing. :D;


No stalking today, but we did stand outside and talk to a bunch of ELFs~ =D I actually got a baidu bar towel from ELFs I had met on Friday and they had so many in their suitcase. It was hilarious but a bunch of SHAWOLs and ELFs were laughing at me (not to be mean of course ) because I looked so nervous and scared. So it hit about 12pm, and I told my friend we had to eat lunch, trying to find artists was futile! (Actually we had a bad experience with SHINee's manager but I won't go into that) We went to KyoChon chicken, and I asked the workers for a Suju poster (I wanted the calender but posters were good too because I had no idea they had posters, only calenders.) KyoChon was amazing and delicious, and the workers were pretty nice. (I can see why Suju endorsed them haha).

We went to the Koreatown Plaza (mall), and shopped around for a little bit. I went and finally got Sorry Sorry ver.A (FAILUREBB♥) and banana milk for my lovely SHAWOL friend We went back to the hotel to freshen ourselves up a bit (because I sweat easily) and off to the Koreaboo meet we went! We went, but I stopped myself at a bunch of girls talking amongst themselves. They were the Baidu International ELF Bar of China! The leader girl was so amazing and sweet, and she tried her best to speak English for me (because she is an international student) and then I told them I could speak Chinese so that was a plus for them (of course I should have told them my Chinese skills failed). They were so nice to me, and they gave me a T-shirt, a balloon, a giant lightstick, and a small pink Kim JongWoon (our silly YeSungie ) banner (I got the banner after the meetup). I told them I was going to the Koreaboo meetup and they told me to come back if anything. I left them and got lost inside. Amazingly, I found it and the party started there.
I immediately searched for the SJW bbs and saw the lovely No Other/Don't Don posters. There were so many people around the SJW table, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to pick up my stuff. Eventually, I got over standing in line (which was to buy the T-shirt) and just went to the side! I stood next to Allison aka twinbb and from what I could see, poor cenara bb was being flooded by a lot of people D: I got my fanpackage (pictures later ^^) which was the best, obviously :D; Gaia and JunJun's design for the shirt turned out to be way better in reality! SJW staffs, you guys are so nice and sweet, and I took a picture of you guys ^^

Anyway, I went to the rest of the fanmeet, and took more pictures ^^ I got to meet so many awesome people, from SHAWOLs to ELFs to SONEs to lovely KangTa fans ^^ Everyone was so incredibly sweet and funny (: I had a great time. In fact, I was so happy I ran back to my hotel all happy (and I had to ask for directions) and people were pointing and laughing at me D:

THE CONCERT WAS AMAZING. ;___; It was truly the best concert I have ever been to, and I have no regrets, despite having a lot of bad luck before it. The concert wiped away all my worries and bad feelings and gave me so much energy it's okay I didn't really get to eat or sleep. :D Everyone performed so well and it just made me go crazy. I was dancing along and screaming and cheering and singing and collapsing everytime Suju came out haha. xD Unfortunately I couldn't get pictures of the whole Suju team but I managed KyuHyun, Henry, and Zhou Mi ^^ including the worst fancam of Heenim and Henry D: My camera died right before Suju came out, but I didn't care anymore because I wanted to party with them! I think my favorite moments of the night were when EeTeuk yelled "EVERYBODY SCREAM!" and he didn't English fail rofl and when he was turning to everyone in the crowd at the front of the stage and he turned to my section (or where I was, it looked like he was looking at me) and gave a beautiful smile and thumbs-up. I died several times during the night, and it was kind of hard to cheer because I was surrounded by people who didn't cheer, a SHAWOL (I mostly cheered for Suju yes), and SONEs. But it was still amazing. Obviously I didn't know any fanchants so I just sang. xD I don't think I have ever been this excited for one thing. .__.

I did talk to Allison and ★stilapixie again ^^ (Allison after the concert, and stila before because I was totally lost and she helped me)
I ate at IHOP for dinner and saw The Grace girls and TaeMin but no motion toward them because I was really tired. I also met the cook for SMTown (I actually have no idea about this but he's on Food network and had a room next to some of the Suju boys) and I sat in his room and listened to his drunk rambling until 3am. Obviously the best day of my life.

It's time to leave. We woke up and got dressed, and made for the Sheraton again. We just talked to fans this time, no stalking. About lunch-ish, we left for the Koreatown Galleria mall, and I got Boys in City Season 2 (which was awesome) ^^ Ate lunch and bought some snacks for the road but I never ate them. Although drinking the strawberry milk made me feel like EunHyuk a lot.
My group left LA at 3pm~ That's the end of my SMTown journey. It was amazing, end of story.

I'm so happy I got to meet so many of you lovely ELFs ^^ Or see you, for that matter because I didn't know who was who D:
Everyone was amazing, and the concert was amazing! I hope SM does do something like this again next year ^^
Thanks for reading! SJW staffbbs, thanks for holding the meetup and having to deal with so many people. Yes I came back so many times and stalked--I mean watched you guys doing your jobs awesomely. D: <--I am not awesome you guys are.
This is something I can never forget. Not ever. I think I'm going to cry from happiness now. ;_; Thank you guys so much. ♥

taking it out? 
credits; park eunhee @ sj-world.net

This is not about the concert!! D: My memory sucks too much for specific details like song order but it was awesome. ♥♥♥
And yes I will confessions soon D: I have no time right now.
 Author's note: I certainly hope people actually read my last one...no comments on it! I figured at least Morgan would but... okay I don't know what to think. Anyway, I don't know how long this will go on! Do you guys think I should skip school and head down early? (Consider this: I'm not a college student, it's my 3rd day of school, and how bad of an impression it will make on my teachers. Also consider: Artist hunt, finding Jungsoo, because it will be the last time I will see him. No way will my dad let me go down to HB in May again, Koreatown and Little Tokyo because we're heading up Sunday.) 

{ 온 세상이 펄 사파이어 블루의 풍선이 뒤덮는 그날까지. Until the world is filled with sapphire blue balloons. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - }

A short confession: I fell in love with Jungsoo today...again. @teukables on twitter posted up a video and said, "This is the reason why I fell in love with Park Jungsoo 2 years ago." Three years ago, I loved the man, but not as much as I do now. My love for him grew with each year, and today, it had been renewed. I knew it wasn't just his looks, his sexiness on stage. No...it was his personality. His adorable shyness that made him Park Jungsoo, not EeTeuk. EeTeuk is a loudmouthed, creepy, weird, sexy, cute, inspirational man. Jungsoo is the introverted, quieter, worried, adorable, caring, loving, (even better) inspirational man that is more than just EeTeuk. EeTeuk is an attention whore, but Jungsoo keeps to himself, quiet and subtle. He 

Speaking of which, I have been looking at EeTeuk pre-debut pictures (back when he was just Jungsoo), and he was just so adorable. He camwhored like crazy, but he was so so so cute. No make up, and he already did his nose, but so so cute. I think that no matter what he looks like, he will always be in my heart. Seriously. He is so cute. Especially with his HOT hair (like every guy had in that time) that was just hilarious. So so cute. Ily Jungsoo. You're hilarious. 

Am I a Jungsoo know-it-all? Ahh, nope! I don't know everything about him, amazingly right? WRONG! I know absolutely nothing about him. I am a failure who cannot understand Korean, but I'll do my best. I actually managed to buy stuff for other people in Anchorage, but I think I'll just give him the stuffed penguin and his shirt. I feel bad for not giving the rest of Suju anything, but with how poor I am, I think I would have to go to Korea to deliver them stuff. And I mean, even only the 10 promoting members. 

I need to see him once before he goes to the military! He's probably going next year, at the end of the year, so I need to make due. 

Do you dream about meeting your favorite band? Because I did. A few times. One time, I dreamt that SJ was in my house...and they could speak Chinese and it was really weird, and another time I went with a PE teacher (not even mine...) to HB and it was just weird....But I have dreamt I met my favorite guys. And Jungsoo was a bully in all of them. How sad. 

Short, but I made my point awhile ago. 

This is all true. This is the confession of a Teuk-biased girl. 
Author's Note: Wow. 3 options: 
A. I'm really in touch with my Asian side. 
B. I listen to my cousins too much. 
C. I BEYOND fail. 
Well, in any case, for the last two confessions I have been putting "CONFESSIONS OF TEUK-BIASED GIRL." Wae wae wae, what happened to the "a?" Who knows, it could have just abandoned ship on me...in the beginning. Anyway...biased girl is biased. Well, I mean, beggars can't be choosers right? Well....I chose. I chose Jungsoo....let's see where life will take me now! Still looking for a book cover because that would be pro.  
Oh by the way: GLITTERY UNICORNS. Claire Belton art ftw.

{ 이 시대 최고의 그룹. 최고의 리더 이특. This generation's best group. This generation's best leader EeTeuk. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - }

Jungsoo fans. You'd think that be one of my problems. Heh, you're quite wrong! I love Jungsoo fans, really I do. They're so cute, and just so funny sometimes. The ELFs that are Teuk-biased like me are extremely funny and they are just plain awesome. Plus, they did a Jungsoo fanmade photobook for his birthday last year. I really wanted it, but no way to pay for it. Apparently it was really cool....Well, no use crying over spilled milk right? Anyway, no way, I love Teuk fans forever. 

I've been thinking about doing a project for SMTown for Suju, but I don't have the time or money to do it. Maybe if I go to Korea in the future, I can do a project for one of the member's birthdays, and a side project for all of them. It's a great idea though.

The main topic of my confession today: Hello baby! I wanted to talk about how extremely good-looking EeTeuk has been looking these past few days. I mean, he looks -hot- ! He has beautiful, glossy, milky skin that makes any girl jealous, and his pretty, probably sleek hair, and his nice clothes. He probably puts on some great smelling cologne, and on top of that, I hear his skin is so soft and smooth like Takuya of An Cafe's hands. (Personal experience, sooo soft *_*) And guess what? That perfect skin is fake. He has fake teeth, fake skin, fake nose, fake fake fake. Seriously, that outside of him is fake. I remember reading Alice's (another Jungsoo fan who is extremely awesome and so hilarious) blog and she was saying how handsome he looked going to Shanghai with his nicely groomed hair, great outfit, and that skin...such beautiful skin. But it's all fake. Oh well, I got over that so whatever now. And besides, L님 already commented on how great he is...Anyway! He is seriously so gorgeous, and I mean in a manly way, so he's handsome. A lot of people thought he used to look really girly, but I never really found anything girly about him. I mean, sure he had long hair before, but it doesn't matter to me. I promise, I'm not as shallow as I look. 

Someone (not naming...names) just asked me what I would do to get a date with Jungsoo. My answer? I don't quite know. To be honest, I think Jungsoo would be too emo for my tastes. I love him and all, but I don't know if we'll get along. I might find my answer at the SMTown concert. I hope I can, and I sure as hell hope I can meet him. I wish. Anyway, to be honest, my ideal type is SungMin (sorry Morgan!), DongHae, or KyuHyun. I would love play with Hae, cook with Ming, and sing with Kyu. Honestly...I don't know what I would do for a date with him. Maybe I would like to be with Jungsoo. I don't know, we'll see how it plays out. Don't ask why I'm Teuk-biased, I really don't know. 

Fan projects, oh joy! I know this sounds like an extension of my second paragraph, but it's got more than just SMTown. I love fan projects, I really do. I just wish I could participate in them. I wish I could send them stuff too. Like I had mentioned earlier, I wanted to do a project for Suju at SMTown (no one else, how cruel!), but my idea would take a while, so maybe before Jungsoo goes to the military then. Oh yeah, my idea was to fight Super Junior with Claire Belton-level of adorable, cute, fluffy, princess, glitter, and any other word that just makes sense. A bunch of metal necklaces and charms from Printsess in an adorable, SS2 themed box made by the talented milkbun, with stickers, a card, and a plushie. I had it even drawn out already (Jungsoo's version only, but I promise the other guys' boxes would have been just the same amount of adorable). Yeah, I can get creative sometimes. 

In other words, my poor baby has been acting really emo lately... I want to cheer him up. Y'know, wave a lightstick in his face (no, he won't get blinded I promise) Apparently, in the last 4 days, he only got 4 hours of sleep. He needs to sleep more, and I bet he'd be so cute while sleeping. I feel a tempting urge to stalk him. I'm so worried, honest. 

To close up this confession, I would like to finally like confess some things.... first of all, I used to be jealous of his good looks, and I would just rage at him. I knew that I still loved him, but I felt like I really hated him for being so good-looking. Lame! I can jealous of the girls he's with (not dating), like SNSD's YoonA and TaeYeon...I'm jealous of them even though I love them. Yeah. I am extremely weird! Oh well....at least not as many people think I'm crazy (probably because they're not reading this.) 

This is all true. This is the confession of a Teuk-biased girl. 

Oh by the way, I think I should hold a quiz to see if people are actually reading. If everyone fails it, I'll stop posting these because they're probably annoying for you and your inboxes (Livejournal and email).
Author's Note: Yeah, there will probably be one of these with every update. I don't know how many I'll do, so just keep looking.
This update will go on Failbook too. (: Thanks to Morgan (LJ), Jessica, David, Raihan, and Monina for the awesome comments ^^
PS, is anyone interested in making me a book cover? ;D It would be so awesome. 

약속했으니까 우리 지금 꼭 잡은 두손 놓지 말고 함께하자. Since we promised, let's carry on, holding onto both hands tight without letting go!

Birthdays. Birthdays are always extremely fun. I can't help but, y'know, party every time Jungsoo's birthday comes around. I loved 2008 and 2010 birthdays...they were fun, and simple. Jungsoo got an adorable song in 2008, and his party on KangShimJang (Strong Heart with Teukigayo) was ADORABLE. I always have to write him something or draw him something, and I had nearly everything ready for his birthday in 2009, but I didn't have the guts to give it to him. In 2007, I wrote him a fanfiction special on my Gaiaonline account, for the story Mix-up Matchmaker, in which case, Xiah Junsu FAILED at pairing the Suju boys up. In 2008, I stalked online and giggled over the mass-spam of pictures, and in 2010, I wrote him the entry below my first confession. Anyway, I think I won't try for fan presents anytime soon... I don't know if I want to give him anything for SMTown and especially the other guys. 

See, that's the problem. I'm TOO biased. Absolutely way too biased. I constantly think about him, which gets in the way of my studies and schoolwork. I fangirl over him 24/7. And you know what? I am the worst Jungsoo, no, worst SUPERJUNIOR fan in the history of bad fans. I am a hater, and a diva. I am as charming as a 3-legged goat dancing to Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA. Actually, you can just call me a bad fan, because I am one, and I sincerely apologize. I also like to think, especially about him. Now that I think about (what's up with all the thinking, bitch, get on with it!), this isn't so much about EeTeuk...sorry folks. Back to main topic. 

You guys must think I'm pretty shallow. I spazz over his great great great looks. I admit, I do that a lot. "OMG HE IS SO HOT AND SO SEXY AHHH SO CUTE WAE OPPA STOP IT" I speak like he's teasing me or we're having sex, and I giggle over his nice abs. But there's so much more to him, right? Nah, he's not just the hot-ass prince, but he's the worried leader, the special angel, my favorite guy. Yeah, there's so much more to him, and so much more to my love for him. I promise, it's not just the looks. 

Seriously, sometimes this guy just worries me too much. Like, I don't even know if he goes to sleep. And I'm afraid, because SJ is truly underrated in Korea, and the dedication he puts into his work stresses him out. It's the "emo-teuk is emo" time of the year again, and I'm afraid for him. Sometimes, I feel like flying through the internet, landing in Korea, getting lost, and eventually finding Jungsoo and just hug him. Hell, I want to do that with all the SJ boys...and SHINee and every other band I like. I might as well stop by in Japan and get myself a dittochu and soratobu pikachu from the Pokecen. Maybe pick up an extra pikachu for all my favorite guys. (TOO MANY TO COUNT) And honestly, I want to participate in every SJ-world project there is, but I don't have a paypal account. I want them to notice me, and I want them to notice their international ELFs...especially the worlds spread out around the world, not just in Asia. They've already acknowledged them, but seeing the KangIn video made me realize that the guys don't see as much of the other ELFs. I am truly inspired by all of them. 

Did you guys know that I am so obsessed with EeTeuk, I even changed my hair to look like his in 2008? Yep, I changed the way my bang fell along my face and got a haircut to shape his in 2007. I don't regret having that haircut and honestly, it made me feel a little handsome. 

I will admit, sometimes I pretend EeTeuk and the rest of Super Junior are here with me. This is why I like to be alone so much, because I'm so busy pretending these guys are my friends that I separated myself from everyone else. I'm more open on the internet, so that's probably the best time to talk to me. Online, I used to pretend EeTeuk was with me every time I posted on Gaiaonline, and I pretended he bullied me. I pretended he bullied me for listening to Epik High's 4th album all day and night, pretended he bullied me because he thought I was weird. I was so afraid that he was going to be mean to me when I met him, I was afraid he would hate me. This made me paranoid, and jealous of his pretty looks.  

This is all true. This is the confession of a Teuk-biased girl. 

Readers, you guys must be so bored. I'm sorry, honestly, I'm trying to throw in some funny things, but the confessions aren't meant to be as funny as I had hoped...I suppose. I'm sorry this entry wasn't as good as the last one, and I know it's mostly about...not EeTeuk D: I'm sorry, running out of things to talk about already. 
Author's note: Uhm. You guys already know I beyond fail. LIKE...BEYOND OKAY? XD
By the way, the SMTown Live will probably interrupt a few of these entries because I WILL NEVER SHUT UP ABOUT EETEUK OKAY.

{ 나 감사 드려요, 그대 이 세상에 온 것을. I want to thank you, for coming into this world. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - }

I can't help but blame my sister. And her friend too, who is also considered a second sister to me, especially since I've known her for so long...9 or 10 years, maybe? Anyway, it's their fault. Not like I really mind, of course, but still. Blame them for getting me into the crazies. 

Anyway, I guess I could be called your average ELF (Everlasting Friend, not those people who help out Santa during Christmas), a Jungsoo fan, or a JSholic (Thank you extraordinary website that takes great photos but is a bitch when it comes to redistributing those photos. Don't worry, I promise those photos will only land in my 4000+ and counting EeTeuk folder on my computer. Sepaking of which, I had actually thrown out more than 100 photos of Jungsoo. I'm so proud). However, I am not the average girl. I don't like to shop all the time, and if I do, it's for Super Junior, the occasional clothings to make myself look good in front of them, or Pokemon related stuff because I sometimes dream about Super Junior liking Pokemon too. (SungMin and pikachu much?) But to be honest, I don't quite fit in with my friends, and even when they like Super Junior, it's not like me. I do have a friend who's obsessed as well, but she thinks I'm crazy. Everyone thinks I'm crazy. My dad must think I'm crazy for only going to SMTown to see my baby (Jungsoo) and his band of super awesome men. I talk about Super Junior constantly, and a lot of it covers EeTeuk. Let me tell you how this craze started.

It had all started in March of 2007. I was an avid 1tym and Big Bang fangirl (YG Family FTW!) I wasn't crazy over any of the members (No, SeungRi came into my life in May) in either band. I did like the leader of 1tym, Teddy a lot, but since they were on hiatus, I couldn't obsess over them as much. Then, one day, my sister went out, and my sister's friend (the one I mentioned above...we're going to SMTown together) invited me over to her house to bake a cake (I think for her dad's birthday...yeah.). We talked about stuff while we baked, and of course, Kpop came up. I was honestly very grateful to my sister and her friend, because they were the ones who had gotten me into 1tym and Big Bang. She was talking to me about Super Junior, and I'm sorry to say, I wasn't really listening. See, I'm the kind of girl that likes to keep around her old bands, and not be exposed to new ones. I need to have a setlist, and then I'm set. In the end, she told me to check a band called DBSK and another band called Battle (I don't really like Battle sorry...). I went home, very confused. 

One day, I was sitting on the computer, searching up random things on the internet. My sister came into the office (where I was sitting) and she took over the computer and looked up Super Junior. She introduced HeeChul as her favorite member, and I was like, "EW. A THIRTEEN-MEMBER BAND? NO WAY! I WON'T LIKE THEM, THEY'RE NOT COOL LIKE 1TYM OR BIG BANG!" (Sorry for the caps, it's just for emphasis) And she asked me who I liked. I just pointed out the person who stood out the most, which was my second baby (ew not in dat way geddit cuz i'm goffik), EunHyuk. I only chose him because I didn't know anyone at all, and EunHyuk stood out the most with his blonde hair (the picture was from U times, so everyone basically had black hair.) 

So, a few days later, my sister comes home, and she looks excited. She pulls out a CD she borrowed from her friend, Monica, and shows it to me. "Who's your favorite member?" she asked as I flipped through the album booklet. I didn't really say much at first, because I was too distracted by EunHyuk's "MR. SHIT IS DEATH" T-shirt. And then I saw him.  The guy who changed my life. That one special person. Him. Of course, since I knew ABSOLUTELY nothing about Super Junior, I just pointed out him to my sister. "Him? Can you find him on the cover?" she asked, and I found his place on the album cover immediately. I knew it was him. 

In April, I learned more about my special angel, like who he was in the group, and I even created my email after him. (Unfortunately, I spelled his name wrong. Pretty Epic Fail on my part.) When the car crash came around, I nearly died on the inside. The boys were hurt, and I was scared out of my mind for both him and Kyu baby. When he made his recovery, I felt relief flowing through my body, and I continued life as if it were normal. When June swung around, I figured out his birthday was in less then a month. I got very...very excited, so excited I pretended 83line attended my promotion to Junior High. I pretended RyeoWook had a crazy love for chocolate. I pretended he liked me (well...as a friend, honest! First he actually has to know who I am). When his first birthday (for my fangirlness) came around, I partied until it wasn't. I wrote him a story. In fact, now, every year, I try to do something for him. In 2007, I held my own party in my head. In 2008, I partied with everyone else online and learned about the best of Jungsoo fans. In 2009, I partied with every ELF I knew. In 2010, I wrote him the best entry I could write in this livejournal. In 2011, I will mourn, but make myself as happy as possible. 

Even if people think I'm crazy, I know what I'm doing...so, I'm not the crazy girl everyone thinks I am. I am a Jungsoo fan, proud and standing true to the special leader without wings. 

This is all true. This is the confession of the Teuk-biased girl.


Jungsoo!! Jungsoo!! My baby you are so old now ; O ;
Okay fine I'll write you a real message now. >___> 

END가 아닌 AND로 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 오늘은 천사 강림한 날.}
To Jungsoo ; with love_♥

생일 축하 함니다!! Oppa, you are officially 28 years old! I have been watching you for the past 3 years, and you always took my breath at how well you handled situations,how crazy you were with your friends, brothers, and how great you looked doing just about anything. Oppa, you are the one person I respect the most and I care for the most. I admit that I am very very...very biased for you and I can't help that. But I really want you to know I'll always be there for you in rough patches! As YeSung oppa said (or something like this) "ELF, don't jump the hurdles and move on to different fandoms, Super Junior's going to comeback soon ^^" Like he said, I won't jump fandoms and I'll always be there ^^ Jungsoo-ya, you are an outstanding leader with a heart of the purest gold and the whitest angel wings. July 1st is that day you descended from heaven, a beautiful, rainy day. 순간이 아닌 영원으로 여러분들 곁에 남아있을테니깐요.We'll be next to each other, not for a moment, but forever. } 

Before I continue with my letter to you, I would like to write you something else...It goes like this: 
On July 1st of the year 1983, an angel descended from the heavens on a rainy day.
The angel had lost his wings, and he could not stop his descent to Earth.
He was a proud, kind angel named Park Jungsoo, and Jungsoo stayed on Earth thereafter.
Jungsoo had grown through the many years that pasted, and eventually, in the year 2010, it came his day, that special day July 1st. { 나 감사 드려요, 그대 이 세상에 온 것을. I want to thank you, for coming into this world. } 

Park Jungsoo, you never need to worry, because everyone you love and care about will be supporting you, cheering you on, and loving you with each and every second of their life <3 Oppa, you will always be the world's greatest leader, and you will always be my inspiration, my shining star, the man I can always go to...even if we are far away from each. Oppa, I truly respect you, and I truly love you, the interesting quirks, your funny, cute personality on shows, and your sexy persona on stage. I call you "Jungsoo" or "Jyeongsoo 졍수" all the time because you are so much more than just Leeteuk. You are a 囧酥餅★ the talented, bright shortcake that I love so much. When I see you...you take my breath away. 

{ why I like you }
you are an amazing, talented person who's good at dancing, singing, mc-ing, and just being crazy. you are the sweetest, most kindhearted man i had ever come across. you are one of the weirdest men i had come across. you are bright, quick-witted, and always respectful. you always treat everyone equally. you lead a team of the most brilliant, awesome men in the world. you have this strange charm about yourself that influences everybody that is around you. you are hot, sexy, cute, adorable, handsome, and whatever else you can say. you are elf's handsome, charming, charismatic angel-prince, and elf will always protect you. you are park jungsoo, the strange bling bling park jyeongsoo, the adorable, funny leeteuk, so many other reasons, but i can't state them all.

{ love u more ♥ } 

in my dreams, i only saw you. it was a miracle that i saw you. you are my shining star, the star i love so much and respect. i knew it's you, because there is no other than U. you are always full of happiness, and we are happy together. i am sorry sorry for not able to get you anything, other than my one love. with all my heart i wish you the best, because you and i share endless moments on this lovely day. i thank you for coming into this world, prince park jungsoo. you're my endless love, and the world's wonder boy. you truly are a good person, and our love is incomparable because my all is in you. i definitely know why i like you. your eyes are sunny and bright, as bold as the blue tomorrow. i caught love disease and i believe in you. let's take a short journey on one fine spring dayhere we go, good luck oppa! let's fill the world with sapphire blue ☆ミ

{ l.o.v.e }
happy birthday prince jungsoo ! you are officially 28 years old, and i have never been prouder. oppa, i know you are heading to the army soon, and i want to let you know that no matter what, i will never jump fandoms for super junior, for you. you are the most amazing, weird, creepy, adorable, dorky, funny, silly, crazy, awesome man i have ever known. oppa, you are truly beyond words. i am so glad to know you. oppa, don't listen to the mean nezitens or the anti-fans. you are so much better than them. 28 years ago, you descended from the heavens. you are an angel whose love travels throughout the whole universe, and elf can feel it! just know oppa, i will always be with you. thank you for being my shining star, my prince of white, my inspiration, and my love. you make me smile, you make me cry, you make me surprised, you make me laugh. you make me love you. i will always follow your leadership...i will always walk with you as long as super junior is still around. the bond between you and the other boys is unbreakable, and the bond between you and elf will never be severed, or destroyed. because we love you so much! never feel alone, because everyone is supporting you endlessly. no matter what, you are eeteuk, super junior's strange angelic leader, and park jungsoo, the man whose heart is filled with pure intentions and happiness for the people he cares about. happy birthday again oppa! i will always be your super girl, strongly supporting park jungsoo, because i love and respect you! always be leeteukie! 

♥ 은히

{ leader leeteuk - 1983년 07월 01일 } 천사 | 최고의 리더 | 왕자 | 특 | 박정수 
☆ 약속했으니까 우리 지금 꼭 잡은 두손 놓지 말고 함께하자.  Since we promised, let's carry on, holding onto both hands tight without letting go. [ 얼굴은 다르지만..국적은 다르지만...언어는 다르지만... 우리는 하나!!!! Even if we have different looks..different nationalities...different languages... We are one!!!! ]
온 세상이 펄 사파이어 블루의 풍선이 뒤덮는 그날까지 and we won't stop! { 이 시대 최고의 그룹. 최고의 리더 이특. } always.

Credits: dailyvita.net | Reuploaded by: Excentrique @ SJ-WORLD.NET | Take out with full and proper credits. Do not modify the pictures.
quotes and translation from sj-world.net ( 2009 eeteuk birthday project)
original credits: eunhyuk's twitvid video | gif created by sessasha @ SJ-WORLD.NET |
Take out with full and proper credits.
I realized that reading my news feed on facebook that everyone makes me feel stupid o__o There's math, science, health, etc. Why am I the only one who can't keep up? I can't even finish saving all the SJ pictures onto my computer. And Fung is telling me that I need to pay attention, like what the heck man. I DO pay attention and I actually listen and be a good little Asian girl like expected. And sorry, my diva complex took over. Anyway, yeah...I'm the person who tries to do her test corrections and fails almost completely, but I take the time to go and do them anyway! :c I do care and I keep trying, because EVERYONE IS TELLING ME TO GIVE UP. BUT I'M NOT GOING TO GIVE UP, EVEN IF MY GRADE LOOKS BAD. They're all telling me, "Why haven't you switched out yet? Why are you still in that class?" and I'm like, "Okay, okay I'm trying my best, I know I'm a little late and stuff, and I suck at math, but at least I'm trying right?" WRONG. APPARENTLY IT DOESN'T FREAKING WORK LIKE THAT. Fung is really butthurt that I'm cuter than his raggedy dog. -_____- 
Anyway, thank arceus that today's Chan test wasn't too bad. I could actually finish for once! (Beside the final but that doesn't count- we have 2 hours to finish 170 questions, which in time wise, isn't exactly a push-over) I need to O'Connor stuff like crazy now.... 

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And Kkang King I love you ; ~ ; I love seeing you again~ <3 Your appearance at the fanmeeting was amazing, I was moved to tears. Yes I was :D 
AND HANGENG I MISS YOU SO MUCH BB AIYAHHHH <333 I'm sorry as a Super Junior ELF too ; ~ ; I hope all is well okay gege ? ^^ 
AND HEENIM I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU I'll always be here bb!! 
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I CAN'T WAIT FOR FANIME UGHH. <33 <33 So close, I can't wait for Sunday especially ;DD 
Anyway, this is all I'll write for now -___- Was mostly a rant, but I'll update more super junior stuff later (: