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shamelessly posting: SALES! OTL

Hi there! This post shall be my sales post XD I need monies ;~;

- Follow ALL of it please! ><
- I live in the USA.
- I accept paypal (everywhere) and concealed cash (USA). If you're not from the USA and have no paypal account, please tell me and we'll work something out :)
- I will try to ship as soon as possible, and let you know when I do! Since I can't drive (!! D:) and my post office is kind of hard to get to sometimes, I will let you know when I ship! If you buy during November 21 - November 25, I can definitely get your order WITHIN that week :)
- All prices are in USD
- comment here or tweet at me (@dinoteuk) to get a quote! No changes can be made when I gave you the final quote.
- Buyer pays all of the paypal fees, sorry!
- Prices do not include shipping.
- Questions/concerns, leave them here or @dinoteuk me ^^
- After the item ships, I am not responsible for the item! If you want registered mail, please tell me!
- I am open to haggling ^^
(Also, sorry about the lighting. I have bad lighting in my house T_T)

Here we go! :D


Shoxx magazine; November 2009. $20
(main article is j-rock band Nightmare and includes a poster of them)

Shonen Jump; January 2005; $4
(includes a free Yu-gi-oh card, has been taken out, but in mint condition.)

High Top magazine; Jan 2011; $5
http://tinyurl.com/6nrwsqz & http://tinyurl.com/7uwm84p


{Cute-Plush} earrings and ring set; $12
(from the store www.cute-plush.com, total together is supposed to be $15)

Cute Japanese Erasers; $2


Pokemon Deoxys Deck; $10

Pokemon Jakks Plushies; $10 EACH
left to right; Drifblim, Buizel, Zubat


 Jrock CDs;
An Cafe's Magnya Carta (the one with 4 people): $44 (sorry, that's how much I paid for it minus a few dollars because I opened and listened to it)
LM.C's Ghost + Heart(the one with the bunny crossbones): THIS CD IS AUTOGRAPHED!!! It is also opened because of some listening and I got them to sign the inside. (http://tinyurl.com/7na8yon evidence of their signing) They are legit, I got them to sign it myself but I don't really like LM.C. MAKE AN OFFER! If I don't like it, I WILL reject it.

Super Junior
~~nothing to see here~~
THANK YOU! ^_^ I'll be adding as I go along~ - v -