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3rd day of Korea: L-A-T-E

3rd day in Seoul~~~~~ (pardon me for my forgetfulness, I’m doing this in a quick way and trying to remember everything. >_>)

Today was amazing~~~~ Woke up at 5am again -__- But I kind of went back to sleep! We woke up again, at some unknown time, and then we had to start to pack for JEJU! :D First, we went to Myeongdong, the place of shopping! We took the subway at 9am, on line 2 at Hongdae Ipgu (Hongik university) and rode to Myeongdong! We went through a street and saw SPAO and everysing! *_* Yes, obviously I was super excited to see everysing! We went into the building (SPAO building) and went up to everysing, on the fourth floor (directions will be posted later). SPAO wasn’t open yet, so we didn’t go there. Everysing, however, was open and was filled with SM artists to the brim! (Aka my Suju boys being relevant of course). There was so much awesomeness everywhere and only one person! I walked around looking for Super Junior~ I took pictures, until the lady told me “no pictures, and no touching”. I had to stop myself from pulling out my camera more and from buying anything Super Junior related. ._. There was a sticker booth machine and TaeEun and I paid for it. (It was 7000won, not the best buy ever, unless you know how to use it...) The pictures came out mostly crappy, except for my Sungmin one *_* OH MY GOD IT WAS PERFECT. Everysing was perfect.
Anyway, we had to go because we were late in meeting....yes, Dongjin! First, we accidentally just stopped by a Nature Republic (JYJ is promoting this) and I bought TaeEun some cosmetics. We met up with Dongjin and he took us to get TaeEun’s phone registered so she could use it in Jeju Island. Dongjin registered the phone and we went to shop again. Getting lost a little bit, we headed toward SPAO and I just went nuts with all of the Suju around me. I wanted to take photos but there were too many staff members around me. I bought the Eeteuk cap and a Suju shirt, without spending more than 50000 won (don’t guess, just go with it.). We went to the Lotte department store and ate lunch after looking at the Seoul tourism center. We continued to walk around some more.
Finally, we had to go back to the house and get our things ready for Jeju. We grabbed all of our stuff and left for Gimpo airport. It was a ride on the subway of about 10 minutes or so. We boarded the airplane and the flight attendants were so nice and everyone (on the airplane staff) tried their best to speak English for us fail foreigners (aka me because TaeEun can understand Korean better than I can, and there was some dude that who knows can even speak Korean or not). They gave us a LOT of juice (A LOT REALLY) and water. They even took photos of passengers, including me and TaeEun. The flight attendants on Jeju air are really awesome ;A; We got off the plane at around 5pm. It was a really short flight! We met one of Eunyoung’s (Korean mom that takes care of TaeEun) friends~ She took us to the place where we’d stay and then after settling in, we went to eat dinner! (Pig and other things!) Unfortunately, my Korean being the worst Korean in history (like worse than people who don’t even know Korean’s Korean...) and I could hardly speak. However, it was a nice dinner and I ate...well...very well?
Anyway, besides that sentence sounding awkward, the dinner was WONDERFUR and after leaving dinner, we walked around the area. The area wasn’t much of the city, but it was nice and mostly full of restaurants and near the beach too! Unforunately, since it was nighttime, we couldn’t see much of the sea and the beach and it was rainy and yucky weather etc. :C We bought some chocolate at a small store, and that was really nice because the chocolate tasted so good! Eunyoung’s friend (Kang EunJung) took us back to our place (called pension, 펜션) (lol Snu if you’re reading this I did write “penis” first on accident) and we just chilled in our rooms. I almost fell asleep watching a movie called Disturbia (with Shia Lebouf, SCARY FOR ME /SOBS). That was the end of the first day in Jeju!