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Day 2 of life being amazing~~

2nd day in Seoul, and life keeps getting better!

Today was so tiring! We woke up at 6am! Why? Dunno~~ We walked around Seoul a lot! Actually, to be honest, we didn’t even walk all around Seoul, but we were so tired! Firstly, we walked around Hongdae in the morning! Mr. Min helped me look up tickets for Kyu’s musical! He is so kind and everyone in Seoul is so nice and stuff *_* I took some pictures of our room and outside and everything!

Anyway, yeah, first we went to the LG telecom to get TaeEun’s phone registered so it’s usable in Korea, but the phone couldn’t work because TaeEun’s passport wasn’t registered and they told us to wait until Tuesday. Unfortunately, we were already going to be in Jeju, so we couldn’t go on Tuesday. Then we went to Dunkin’ Donuts (the Korean branches are so much better than the American ones....) and ate there yay! It was delicious, we ate....a slushie-like thing called a “coolatta” and some donuts (chewisty, you can chew AND twist?).

We walked to the bank and switched some money for Korean won. We returned to the house for a little bit to ask Mr. Min to give him money for the rent and asked for some directions to a CD store! We walked to a CD store and bought some CDs; I got Super Junior05 and Super Show 1, and grabbed f(x)’s Pinocchio CD for my friend. ^^ TaeEun bought the SHINee Amigo CD! We walked around for a long time, buying some ice cream and chips. We walked to Yonsei University, where TaeEun is going to go to school at! The campus looks so nice. There are a lot of trees and freshness and signs that say “Yonsei: The first and the best” LOL XD We explored the school until we reached the Korean school, then left.

We were going to walk to the city center (Sichung) but we got tired (feet hurt too much, my shoes are too uncomfortable!). We ended up riding the subway home and were disappointed that the stop we got on was the stop right next to the Sichung -_- We went home and rested (like...slept). We woke up around 8pm, and then went out for ddeokbokki (Korean spicy rice cakes). They were so delicious! It was the first street food we had~ so great! We were going to meet a friend (my friend from Singapore) but we couldn’t because TaeEun didn’t want the both of us to get lost an it was dangerous etc. Why? Because we were going to Sukira!!!!! However, we stayed at home, and I watched Sukira then. I can’t believe Yesung is going to leave Sukira soon! Eunhyuk will come back....I’m happy and so sad! I love them both so much, they are both such good DJs!! I will really miss DJ Ye..... Anyway! It was time for bed and we ended up going to sleep.